Flowers Partying




"Flowers Partying"
22" x 28"
Mixed media on Paper, 2011

"Top Tog"
22" x 28"
Mixed media on Paper, 2011
Top Dog
Thunder Head "Thunder Head"
22" x 28"
Mixed media on Paper, 2011
"I Spy"
22" x 28"
Mixed media on Paper, 2011
I Spy
Fido's In Love "Fido's In Love"
22" x 28"
Mixed media on Paper, 2011
22" x 28"
Mixed media on Paper, 2011


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Samba Swing
Acrylic on wood


"What the paintings are about is where they come from-the inner world of emotions, feelings and intuitive response. The result is an art that has it's own nature, unique in spirit and form and capable of evoking that rare and exciting combination of revelation, discovery and personal connection with timeless and enduring quality."

John B. Henry III Director of the Flint Institute of the Arts, 1999 The New New Painters Catalog



Out of the Chaos
Acrylic on plastic


"In the paintings of Irene Neal, the canvases lose their flatness, their right-angled or otherwise precisely delimited form becoming instead shapeless pieces of colored material...this is an emphatic onslaught of color, yet these objects are not renditions in the sense received in art. In some ways, they are suggestive of jewelry . These are adornments for vain giants."

Mylan Knizak, National Gallery Prague, 2002
The New New Painters Catalog

Harvest Swoon 1995 Acrylic on Wood 16"x24"x3"


"Irene Neal favors amorphous formats that resemble liquid drops, often creating a sheen like that of semi-precious stones..."

William Zimmer, New York Times, 1996

Snailbird 2002
Acrylic on Canvas


River's Gold 2003 Acrylic on Wood 19"x27"x2"

"Irene Neal's work is free formed internally and externally. Her paintings grow and flourish with great vitality, never betrayed never denied. They produce in the pure artifice of acrylic gel, the impression of natural simplicity. The means are artificial but the effect is of a fresh new world that she shares with us by making us realize that we are always freer that we think."

Marcel Paquet, Irene Neal catalog, 2001 Coopers Classic Collection, New York City

Smoking Gun II 2003 Acrylic on Canvas 20"x23"x2"

Smoking Gun I 2003 Acrylic on Canvas

"These new works extend expressionistic field painting into a new territory, both by reason of their lush material and by their dramatic complexity. There is a sense of constant self-transformitive process, indeed of the protean metamorphosis. Neal brings together a seemingly boundless expressionistic energy, which tends to surge beyond the canvas-but Neal's "canvas" is this crystallized painterly surge-and the shaped canvas definitely fixes the work's limits and informs it's structure..She seems to will the surge of colors-primary colors and earth colors out if the surrounding blackness, and emotional as well as aesthetic triumph of painting."

Donald Kuspit, Irene Neal Catalog, 2001 Cooper Classics Collection, New York City

Purpello 2002
Acrylic on Canvas

Porgie 2002
Acrylic on Wood

Private Collection

Gossamer Ghost
Acrylic on Wood



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